“To be fruitful and achieve the greatest fulfillment, we must passionately learn from all cultures, challenge ourselves to create value as we share our experiences ”. ~JDS

That1Thing was born out of a crises and the appetite to share. We are and will always be committed to sharing. We will share That1Thing that will inspire the human spirit, use innovation to solve social problems, create new possibilities, and support socially conscious organizations and initiatives. Our passion for humanity is what fuels That1Thing. We are genuinely interested in creating unique opportunities through shared experiences. The founder states “I am just someone who is crazy enough to believe That1Thing can change the world”. He seeks to raise the level of awareness on the necessities of life challenges, believing that one’s primary responsibility should be to share their lives. He says “We all have a wealth of life experiences, and what is a life of valued experiences, if it’s not applied? We have to apply our experiences by sharing them. Everyone has That1Thing within them that’s meant to be shared. As for me, my desire is for the world to find That1Thing and share it. Without sharing That1Thing I have no reason to exist. I will not let That1Thing go unshared. It's my life”. We agree, what is Life if it’s not applied by sharing it? Sharing your life comes in many forms, and That1Thing will demonstrate that.

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