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The fact that there is a problem, is a sign there is a solution. Your life can be the solution to someone's problem, if it's shared properly.

What is it? What is That1Thing? That’s what we are hoping you will share with us. That1Thing you have that can make a world of difference. Whatever That1Thing is, it's not only meant for you. The world needs it. It should be shared daily and in every aspect of our lives. That1Thing envisions a world of vibrant joy, where we are all supported to discover and express the highest good that we are all here to be. We live in a shared environment now where we share files, information, even music. Our question is, are we sharing the right things, the right way? It's great to be able to share these things with friends. but there's 1 important element missing, You. We want your everyday experiences to meet the world's greatest needs. It's Your Life, Your Story. So what's your story? is it being shared correctly? Be it your business or your life, your story should feed people. You were born to live for humanity, and It's imperative to let your life live by sharing it. Imagine a world of sharing for the advancement of humanity. Where everyone participates, and everyone wins. Let's be passionate and smart about our life experiences. Just do 1-Thing. It's FREE and simple. Help us demonstrate The Power Of 1 by Joining our movement. 1- person, sharing That1Thing, to make the world a better place. All we need is 1. Our daily lives are what we have to offer and that is enough to change the world.

Breaking News "Without Some-1, We Have No-Thing! "

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